All companies have to submit an annual corporation tax return (CT600) whether they have made a profit or a loss.

All companies making a profit must pay Corporation Tax!

Our services include the preparation of corporation tax computations, completing annual corporation tax returns (CT600). We offer valuable advice on tax efficiencies, calculating capital allowances and tax planning.

McDonagh & Company deal with tax investigations and VAT investigations for their clients and can recommend insurance to cover the fees should the situation arise.

We offer the following list of services in relation to Corporation Taxation 

  • Preparation of Corporation Tax Computations
  • Completing Annual Corporation Tax Return (CT600)
  • Advising on Tax efficiencies
  • Dealing with Tax Investigations &  VAT Investigations
  • Calculating Capital Allowances
  • Dealing with Capital Gains Tax
  • Tax Planning
  • Car & Fuel benefits
  • Mileage allowance payments
  • Construction industry – dealing with all aspects of construction industry taxation.
Our aim is to make you feel as comfortable as possible dealing with your personal and company accounting and taxation affairs whatever the size or complexity of your operation.Joe McDonagh