If you have received a tax return in the post you must complete it and submit it no later than the 31st January after the end of the tax year shown in the top right hand corner of the return – otherwise penalties will be incurred!

Through recent changes regarding the lowering of the basic rate tax band and children’s tax credits many people will have to submit a self-assessment tax return. We are able to give help and advice regarding stamp duty, income tax rates, income tax reliefs.

If you require help and advice on how to complete the self-assessment tax return and are not sure what information is required, if you have overpaid in previous years, or have many sources of income we are able to help you, minimizing your tax liability and obtaining refunds where due.

We are experienced in dealing with all aspects of the Construction Industry and partnership taxation.   Please also see our page on Personal Taxation which can also help with Estate & Inheritance Taxation, Tax Investigations, Trusts, Expatriates, Overseas Executives and Residents.

In Brief

We deal with all aspects of self assessment matters:-

  • Employment
  • Self Employment
  • Land & Property
  • Capital Gains
Our aim is to make you feel as comfortable as possible dealing with your personal and company accounting and taxation affairs whatever the size or complexity of your operation.Joe McDonagh